Let us help you make funeral arrangements ahead of time. Schedule an appointment with a Director to talk about pre-planning a funeral for you or a loved one, to relieve survivors the stress of making decisions during a time of grief and make the funeral experience as peaceful as possible.


Cooper Funeral Home is known for a personal touch on traditional funeral services, with a staff that is ready and willing to be there for you every step of the way. We want to help celebrate the life lived, to make the experience a meaningful representation of your loved one, and to make saying goodbye a peaceful experience. We also offer alternative funeral services, memorial service, viewing before cremation, body donation, immediate burial and direct cremation.


A keepsake is a wonderful way for each family member to keep their loved one close. Often keepsakes are shared with all family members and close friends to remember their loved one and to celebrate their life.


Losing a loved one can be a traumatic experience, when it is expected or not. We are here for you. Our counselor on staff is ready to talk or listen, and can help to facilitate the steps of grieving.


J.D. Cooper continues the excellent service that Cooper Funeral Home is known for. We recently lost our Mom and J.D. was friendly, compassionate and treated our family like his family. More importantly, J.D. is a professional and handled every detail for us so we didn’t have to worry. Thank you J.D.!

– Frank Kramer

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