Helping You Honor Your Loved One

Honor your loved one’s life with funeral services from our funeral home in Alexandria, Kentucky. Cooper Funeral Home makes it as stress-free as possible to put together a beautiful funeral to remember your loved one by. We provide you with all of the funeral services necessary to customize your experience to tailor fit your loved one’s wishes and life. Contact us at (859) 635-7844 to speak with one of our staff members today about what type of funeral services are best for your needs.

Funeral Services Include…

Anatomical Donations | Arrangements | Recording Vital Statistics | Coordination Services with the Cemetery | Cremation Services | Embalming | Transportation Services | Filing & Obtaining Death Forms & Claims | Forwarding of Remains | Funeral Counseling | Use of Facility | Immediate Burial | Outer Burial Containers | Preparation of Remains | Receiving Remains | Casket Choices

Pre-Arrangement Funeral Services

More and more people are realizing the advantages of pre-arranging their funerals. The process is simple, and the benefit to loved ones left to handle the arrangements is well recognized. By relieving your family of burdensome decisions at a difficult time, you are showing your love and respect for their needs as well.

Benefits of Pre-Arrangement Include…

Allows You to Express Your Own Wishes | No Income Tax Liability | Pay a Guaranteed Funeral Price | Relieves Your Family of Financial Burden | Transferable Funeral Plan in Case You Move Away

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